North Region Advanced Manufacturing Work Plan

Work plan objectives for Edu2Mfg in 2019-2020 include:

  • Increase number of students enrolled in manufacturing related courses 
  • Increase students and businesses participating in student competitions, project-based learning opportunities and work-based learning opportunities
  • Illustrate new education and career pathways in manufacturing
  • Host a workshop for curriculum exchange between all K-16 instructors and industry partners
  • Support onboarding for new faculty members coming directly from industry
  • Assist industry partners in leveraging ETP and college resources to train incumbent workers
  • Encourage industry-recognized third party accreditation and assessments
  • Assist with apprenticeship programs and/or standards
  • Host regional advisory meeting 
  • Create online repository for information on active high school and college programs
  • Inform colleges of emerging technologies and skills requirements
  • Provide assistance to host one sector-focused summit
  • Assist in updating or creating courses as a result of curriculum recommendations