Group Tours New Manufacturing Lab in Folsom

On Thursday, July 29, Drew Bias hosted CTE instructors at Folsom High School’s new “State of the Art” Manufacturing & Product Design facility. There were 14 participants representing Los Rios and Sierra College Community College districts as well as seven school districts including: Black Oak Mine USD, EL Dorado HSD, Elk Grove USD, Folsom Cordova USD, Roseville JUHSD, San Juan USD and Western Placer USD. A representative from industry partner, Selway Machine Tool Company, also attended.

The event was organized by the California Community College North Region Advanced Manufacturing initiative to attract diverse educators and partners, offer hands-on learning experiences and build the local teacher community, explained Steve Dicus, Edu2Mfg. “Besides sharing ‘best practice’ ideas and equipment information, each participant had the opportunity to make a 3 1/2″ cube,” said Dicus.

“The walls of the cube were 1/8″ steel,” said Dicus. “The hollow centered cube was made of six sides with each side having a different dot configuration; numbered 1 to 6. On one surface of the 1/8″ flat stock, a CNC 3 axis mill and a 1/4″ end mill were used to scribe the 1/2″ DIA x 1/16″ deep dot(s) on each piece. The sixth piece each had a different number of dots: 1 to 6. The six sides were then welded together, creating the cube. This was followed by corners and edges being ground smooth.”

The lab is so new that equipment was being delivered during the tour. Learn more about the Manufacturing & Product Design program at Folsom High School.