Colleges Offer Summer and Fall Manufacturing Classes

Yuba College is offering a summer WELD 83 class that covers an introduction to MIG, TIG and CNC plasma. Students can also register for the fall MFGT 34, an introduction to CNC course. Learn more about Manufacturing Technology at Yuba College.

Sierra College will be offering ADVM 62 during the summer session. Also Mech-1, a general education science class for non-Mechatronics majors, is also offered during the summer. There are still some open seats in the Sierra College Mechatronics entry-level fall courses, despite class size being limited to half of the normal headcount due to COVID. If the college returns to normal class sizes, even more students will be able to register. Learn more under Applied Technologies.

At Sacramento City College learn more about the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Technician program.

Folsom Lake College is offering Modern Making certificate.

Welding, CNC and Manufacturing Videos for Teaching Remotely

To help teachers who are looking for videos to help teach CNC, Mechatronics, Welding and other CTE subjects while schools have closed and teachers are working remotely, Edu2Mfg has started a list of resources.

Sierra College Mechatronics Video

Training videos CNC

Haas Automation Video Library

Titons of CNC Academy

CNC Cookbook Training Resources

Career Info for CNC

Job Shop Life! Example of a CNC Machine Shop Job!

Career in Machining – Machine Shop Apprentice

American Welding Society

Welding Videos –

AWS Podcasts

AWS Industry Videos –

Welding Career Info

Jay Lenos Garage — Explore Careers in Welding

Khan Academy — Welder: What I do and how much I make

 Hot Careers in Welding

Welding Instructional Videos

Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Welding Institute – Manual Metal Arc (Stick) Welding – mild steep with low power sets

TWI – An Introduction to the Arc Welding Processes