Happy Retirement to Carol

Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Associate Dean of Workforce Innovation, Sierra College, managed the Regional Advanced Manufacturing program hosted at Sierra College for many years. As she is retiring at the end of June 2020, we wanted to pay tribute to her many contributions to advanced manufacturing in the region, through college and high school teacher education and funding to expand programs, employer training in productivity and lean manufacturing, partnerships she forged between educators and industry, and support of SME Sacramento Valley and SVMI.

In addition, many college and high school programs benefited from Sierra STEM Collaborative, NEW event (Nontraditional Employment for Women), Tech-Explorer, CCC Maker and a host of other projects focused on attracting students to hands-on careers and preparing them for meaningful employment.

Jeff Briggs, Regional Director, Advanced Manufacturing, North Region writes: Carol’s spirit, drive, tireless energy and determination have helped shape the future of workforce development and manufacturing education in this region that will resonate for generations to follow.

Please go to the CCC Maker blog post filled with written and photographic memories of her impact. Celebrating Carol

We wish you every happiness in retirement, Carol!